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Welcome to Givarni®, a distinguished brand curated by Leelakumar Srinivasan, an experienced product designer with a career spanning over 13 years. Givarni® stands as an embodiment of the seamless integration of vintage arts and fashion, meticulously crafted through extensive research and a lifelong dedication to art and design across various disciplines.

Rooted in the rich cultural and natural tapestry of Germany's Bodensee region, Givarni® draws inspiration from art history, offering a collection that reflects the vibrancy of human creativity. The brand is driven by a commitment to redefine luxury by converging artistic expression with sartorial elegance.

Underpinned by Leelakumar Srinivasan's product design background, each accessory within the Givarni® collection undergoes a rigorous process of planning and research, ensuring that it adheres to the brand's exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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Each accessory meticulously fashioned by Givarni® is not merely an embellishment but a profound testimony to the brand's relentless pursuit of excellence.

In its quest for perfection, Givarni® meticulously sources the world's most exquisite materials, presenting a curated selection that includes the sumptuous touch of 100% Mulberry silk, the opulence of cashmere, the refined warmth of wool, the breathable comfort of cotton, and the timeless allure of gold-plated and rhodium-plated jewelry. These carefully chosen materials form the quintessence of Givarni®, elevating it to an emblem of unparalleled luxury and sophistication.

Within the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, Givarni® stands as a radiant beacon of refined elegance, beckoning the discerning connoisseur to indulge in an extraordinary experience of adorning oneself with accessories that transcend mere fashion, embodying a lifestyle steeped in opulence and grace.

square scarves in germany



Givarni® epitomizes the fusion of art and fashion, paying homage to centuries of creativity for the discerning luxury connoisseur. A reverent tribute to art history, each piece is infused with profound artistry, transcending time with opulence. Givarni® breathes new life into vintage paintings, transforming them into contemporary masterpieces.

This meticulous process goes beyond mere artistic endeavors; it's a celebration revitalizing timeless beauty, redefining elegance through carefully crafted designs. From intricate patterns to refined motifs, each accessory becomes a canvas, preserving vintage artistry in a modern context.

Distinguishing itself, Givarni® invests weeks and months in an exhaustive search for exquisite art with historical significance, seamlessly harmonizing with each scarf's unique style. This exclusive curation makes Givarni® the sole purveyor of a blend of history and style, ensuring each piece is not just an accessory but a statement of refined luxury.

square scarves in germany



Our pursuit of quality extends far beyond the realms of style and comfort; it is a dedication to sustainability and responsible sourcing that defines our brand.

We take pride in the meticulous selection of fabrics for our products, incorporating only the finest materials such as 100% pure silk, cashmere, wool, and cotton. Each choice is a conscious effort toward eco-friendliness, ensuring that our materials not only exude luxury but also align with the highest ethical standards. At Givarni, we believe in providing you with more than just exquisite products; we offer a guilt-free indulgence in the epitome of fashion and comfort.

Our commitment to responsible sourcing goes hand in hand with our dedication to offering a luxurious experience that is not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious.

silk scarf luxury in germany



The meticulous creation of Givarni® accessories is an artful process that unfolds through a series of intricate steps, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to perfection. This journey begins with the crafting of multiple samples, each a canvas for extensive experimentation with an array of color combinations and design elements. Through this iterative and meticulous approach, each accessory emerges as a testament to the brand's dedication to precision and excellence.

From the initial stages of conceptualization to the final, impeccably crafted product, Givarni® stands as a beacon of dedication, precision, and an unyielding pursuit of unparalleled quality. Every stitch, every hue, and every detail is a labor of love, exemplifying the brand's ethos and passion for creative exploration and craftsmanship.



At Givarni, craftsmanship transcends the ordinary; it is our distinguished signature, embodying an unwavering commitment to ensuring that each piece is a consummate masterpiece of dedication and skill. Givarni® stands as an ode to artistry and elegance, and this celebration is intricately woven into the brand's meticulous approach to craftsmanship.

The journey of each accessory at Givarni® is a testament to our devotion to excellence. Every piece undergoes the delicate art of hand-rolled hemming, a meticulous process that elevates the accessory from a mere fashion statement to a wearable work of art. It is the skilled hands of experienced artisans that breathe life into each piece, investing not just time but a profound passion for their craft.

For instance, the hand-rolled edges of our silk scarves are a true labor of love, taking an experienced artisan between 30 minutes to an hour to achieve perfection. This intricate craftsmanship becomes an exquisite dance of precision, where every stitch and fold bears witness to the brand's commitment to luxury and excellence.